The End

Day #30: Write a poem titled “The End” that isn’t about death, a break up or the apocalypse.

The words I have written took me ten years,

through countless setbacks and quite a few tears.

From being overwhelmed, to filled with pride.

From it being my first priority, to pushing it to the side.

For days upon weeks upon months upon years,

I’ve worked to push through all of my fears.

As I type the last few word, I can’t help but smile.

I close the word program and stare at the file.

I see the title of my novel on the screen.

Even though my cheeks hurt, I continue to beam.

After ten long years, it’s finally the end.

I open the email to my agent and press send.

I lean back in my chair, feeling my heart flutter.

After sharing a piece of my heart I can simply mutter,

“It’s over.” That’s true, it is the end.

But I feel nothing but happiness, with a still apparent grin.

My novel is finally done even through all the fanfare

This has been a dream of mine  that I’m so proud to share.


Wow, this thirty day challenge has been an amazing journey! I’ve gotten to expand my style, and I’m so happy that I stuck through this! And though I haven’t finished my novel in its entirety, but I have finished the first draft! But I can’t wait til I reach a point where this poem is my reality.





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