Simple Beginnings; Ways to Start a Novel

I know for me, when I read a novel, I feel myself becoming amazed with the author’s work. I know for me, I become enthralled with an author’s ability to write such likeable and well rounded characters. An author’s ability to write a believable world that feels real is something that I love. And when an author is able too mix those together with an amazingly strong plot to make an interesting story that a person can easily fall in love with is something that always leaves me in awe. So when I see all of this in a story, I tend to wonder how they went about making these. It’s easy to assume that this all started with an elaborate and intricate method to form these amazing stories. As I went to start my own novel, I definitely was overwhelmed when thinking about how difficult it would be to even start. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was actually quite simple.

There are many ways to start a novel. As of right now, I can only genuinely advocate for what I’ve done. Granted, I’ve only finished the first draft of my novel, but the things I’ve done to work on my novel in the beginning have helped me as I continue.


One thing that has helped me is simply taking time and thinking about my novel. For me, the idea for my novel came from a dream I had five or more years ago. Granted, I’ve taken time to just think about how I want to develop the dream into a story. I think about where I want my plot to go and how I want it to develop. I think about how I want my characters and the world that they live in to be portrayed as. Just simply sitting back and casually thinking was actually extremely helpful in my process.


I will always stand behind the usefulness of outlines! Outlines, for me anyway, have been helpful in many aspects of my life. Be it education, creativity and even in daily planners (I write a lot of things down lol). For writing, it’s a surprisingly simple for me to be able to keep my thoughts together once I’ve written it down. As an aside, writing plans also subconsciously forces me to keep to the things I needed or wanted to do.

Just Do It

Yes, it sounds quite overwhelming to just dive into it. However, the longer that I held of starting on my novel, the longer it took me to get where I wanted in my process. It doesn’t have to be something as difficult as forcing yourself to hammer out an entire first draft to your novel in a single day. It can be as simple as doing the things I’ve already listed or even what works best for you.

I hope these ideas have helped anyone in their process to their novel, or whatever it is that you’re working on!




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