Fingers brushed against stark white sheets.

She laid against her bed, letting them tangle with her feet.

Kicking the blankets off, she let her toes touched the floor;

closing her eyes to inhale a scent, one that she adored.

Earth; a smell that didn’t really fit the room’s aesthetic.

With the whites, the polaroids and an aura that was magnetic.

She decorated her room with various amounts of foliage.

There were glass terrariums with Earth’s beautiful image.

She padded her way to her off- white night stand,

brushing against the succulents with the palm of her hand.

The surface of the white pot was in contrast with the inside.

She brushed her fingers the bristled plant and the dirt that tried to hide.

The Earthy residue from the plant stuck to her fingertips.

Looking down at the succulents, a smile tugged at her lips.





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