Guilty Writing Pleasures

We all have our guilty pleasure; chocolate late at night, vapid TV shows and dumb movies. I’m guilty of all of these things, and many more. But I noticed that I also have several guilty pleasures when it comes to writing. There are several things about my writing that I can’t resist doing. I’m sure there are other writers who can relate. Are these guilty pleasures wrong?

The main guilty pleasure I have in writing is that I write an abundance of fanfiction. Fanfiction has practically become a cultural staple. There are stories about bands, TV shows, movies and many more factions of a multitude of cultures. I’ve written a lot of fanfiction for the shows that I enjoy. But is this guilty pleasure something that is negative? I’m hard pressed to believe that this is the case. For me, any expression of creative writing is something that is a positive thing. For one, it’s a good way to begin writing. Making stories for preexisting characters for a developed world helps new writers practice the bare bones of story telling. Another positive is that it’s fun. This is a fun guilty pleasure that isn’t as harmful as a late night chocolate binge.

Another guilty pleasure I have almost feels like a bad habit. I tend to really focus on characters. I spend a lot of time creating new characters. It can get to the point where I spend more time on characters than an actual story. That being said, it’s not all negative. For me, when I make a character I get the chance to work on character development. It also helps me with new story ideas.

Though guilty pleasure have a negative connotation, it’s not always a negative thing. These are some of my guilty pleasures when it comes to writing. Hopefully, someone can relate to this!


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