Am I Still Overwhelmed?

So several months ago, I wrote a post (this one to be exact) where I talked about being overwhelmed and how/ if it affects my work. At the time that I had first written that post, I had been very stressed out and overwhelmed while trying to make posts and work on my novel. It also didn’t help that I was only a month into my first semester of graduate school. So what has changed? Though anxiety is always present, I’ve found myself to be far less stressed, creatively anyway. I post far more frequently than I did at that time. I’ve also finished the first draft of my novel and am in the editing process. Being able to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed started with subtle changes. They were little things that I changed were so easy to do and felt natural. So natural, in fact, that I didn’t really realize just how relaxed I was becoming until I really thought about it.

One of the things that helped me work through the feeling of being overwhelmed was to make to- do lists. The method I used was one that I saw from a YouTuber; Anna Akana. The way that Anna would make the lists was to cut out mundane activities like chores do that the focus was on what was essential. This was extremely helpful. It helped me organize my thoughts so that I was less stressed. It also made it possible to focuse on my writing in a timely fashion that didn’t put too much pressure on me.

Another thing I did was to get back into meditation. I had taken a course for meditation/ yoga in my senior year of undergrad. Incidentally, that was also when I learned to be less stressed, even with the abundance of work that I had at the time. I implemented the same practices around Christmas time. Since then, I’ve felt less overwhelmed. 

I credit these two things to how I was able to get out of my writer’s block. I hope this can help someone else that might be having the same issues!


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