Learn to Love Your Work

Many of us are used to having insecurities and self doubt in regards to our creations. I’m someone who often has a sense of self doubt with my work quite often. I question if my writing portrays my story as well as I wanted it to. I feel underwhelmed with my art at times as well. However, I don’t spend time lovingly developing a story and characters and laying down the ground work for art to simply hate it in the end. With all the work that is put into your work, loving it is essential. Of course, this isn’t something that comes quite so easily for everyone, myself included. There are few things that I do to keep from being quite so judgmental of my work.

One thing that I do to appreciate my work more is to understand that perfection isn’t the goal. Having an idealistic concept for my work does little to boost my confidence. An arbitrary sense of perfection would make it hard for me to truly love and appreciate my work. One’s idea of perfect typically seems completely different with one’s skill and creation. This difference could easily leave someone feeling disheartened, a feeling that I was familiar with. But learning to not make perfection goal is one of the best things that I did. This has helped me with learning to love my work.

Another thing I do is to develop my style. This helped me in both my writing and in my art. Having a style makes something that is uniquely me. This sense of self helps with truly appreciating what ever it is that you create.

I hope these ideas help!


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