Little Leaf in Gentle Hands

The little leaf began to tremble in the harsh winds. Sprouting out in the middle of an abnormally warm winter had taken its toll. The sporadic weather had begun to diminish the vibrant green of the leaf. The lines from the base of the leaf that connected to the branch crept up the leaf. It caused cracks at the leaf’s edges. The leaf fluttered against the branch. After another harsh gush of wind, the little leaf snapped free from the branch.

It fluttered away from the branch. With each new gush of wind, the leaf would be pushed up. It twisted and trembled in the wind. It slowly began to make its way to the ground, closer and closer as the wind began to subside.

A tuft of pink appeared atop a woman’s head from her hand kit hat. She trudged slowly up the walk way, passing several nameless headstones. It was another five minutes or so before she stopped at her destination. She looked down at a tall black plaque with white words engraved into it. She gently ran her fingers against the edges. She pursed her lips together before she brought her hand back to wipe at her tears. The gust of wind blew her hair all around her. When she brushed ran her hands against her hair to push the hair back, she felt something brush against her hand. She looked over to see a leaf making its way to the ground. She cupped her hands together to catch it. She looked down at the little leaf in her gentle hands. She rubbed her thumb against the ridges of the leaf, gently rubbing at the cracked edges.

Smiling sadly, she let the wind carried the leaf away from her hands.


This was just a practice for personification of an inanimate object and basically a bit of an aesthetic piece. I hope you like it!


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