The Beautiful Thing I Never Heard of

What’s it like, to know something so beautiful?

To see this beauty that twists like silk ,

in a gentle breeze that still takes your breath away?

It’s so beautiful, yet has a name I can’t speak,

for it’s the beautiful thing I never heard of.

I’ve seen glimpses; it’s radiance hard to miss.

I can see how it touches the people around it;

how it caresses those safe in its embrace.

I see a man and a woman wrapped in that beauty;

how they sit oh so close with bright smiles.

I see two women also in that embrace;

fingers- interlocked, the glow of that embrace ever present.

I even see two men in that omniscient embrace;

their radiance mingling with the familiar beauty.

Familiar in denotation, but not familiar to me.

Is this beauty friendship? Is it love?

I don’t know, for I haven’t heard of it.

I can only stare in confusion and another burning emotion.

What’s it like; to be in love?



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