Embrace Criticism

It is understandable that critique can be very scary. It can leave room to feeling attacked. And even has the capacity to make one second guess their own work. I know I have a few stories in the scrap pile from some very harsh self- criticism. But is criticism all  bad? I’d say definitely not. There are a plethora of positives to criticism.

The main thing to understand, is that criticism typically doesn’t come from a bad or malicious place. There is a difference in someone being constructive when they criticize and someone simply putting you down. A malicious form of criticism comes with no helpful insight. This type of criticism is barely criticism. Yes, sometimes criticism will be harsh, but if it isn’t followed up by some form of insight or helpful tips, then it isn’t necessary.

That being said, criticism from well meaning individuals is very positive. One of the first positive attributes to criticism is that it helps in developing thicker skin. Getting thick skin is necessary for anyone who is putting themselves out there. Not everyone is going something, and some will point out flaws. It’s necessary to not let those criticism keep you from trying. Thicker skin has helped me out in my work as well, though it is still something that I am working on. Another positive to criticism is that is helps give a fresh perspective on our work. This can also help with breaking a consistent habit in your work.

Something essential is learning how to criticize your own work. It would be impossible to edit your work if you weren’t sure that there was anything wrong with your work. This connects with the necessity of a fresh perspective. New ideas aren’t quite so helpful if there isn’t a will to implement them into your work. It takes understanding what needs to be changed in your work to intertwine the new ideas into your works.

It’s true that getting criticism can be a bit overwhelming. But as long as it’s not coming from a malicious place, criticism is essential to developing a story.


2 Replies to “Embrace Criticism”

  1. This is a great reminder 😊 Thank you so much for sharing! Receiving constructive criticism is something I am constantly learning how to do better, but this was a great encouragement in rethinking the motive behind and method of delivery of the criticism that is given to me, especially in regards to writing, etc. So thank you! Have a beautiful evening!

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