A Day to Myself

My hair, which had been growing quite nicely, was kept pinned up. I could hear my phone buzzing as I got another text but I heaved out a sigh and ignored it. I was sure that I would get an earful, but at this moment I just didn’t care. I couldn’t if I tried. Today is my day off, and I don’t need my boss bothering me. I finish the last of the necessary scrubbing. I straighten up and smile down at my work. The porcelain tub was completely clean, sparkling in the light. I sat down on my toilet with the lid down. I tugged the sticks that help my hair up and shock the tresses so that they tumbled down to my shoulder. The phone buzzed. Rolling my eyes and leaned toward the phone to look at the screen. I could see the messages of my boss apologizing profusely on the lock screen. It seemed that he no longer needed me. I stood up again and pat my shorts. The knob on my bath tub fit perfectly into my palms. Turning, the water began to flow.

Turning on my heel, I walked back to my room. There was the small brown bag that I had gotten at the mall a few hours ago. I pulled out a small ball that had several pastel colors on it, the colors weaving amongst each other. The lush bath bomb was something that I had wanted to try for a long time. Once I got back to the tub, the water had already risen to a place that I liked. Turning it off, I waited for the water to cool down a bit. I put the bath bomb into the water and stared in awe.

The area directly surrounding the bath bomb began to froth as the color melted into the water. The blue began to tint the clear water, its hue spreading along the ridges of the tub. The yellow snaked from the bath bomb and began to intertwine with the blue. There were frothy white bubbles that rested on the surface between the two colors. Some of the pink began to seep from the bomb. I leaned down to rest my arms on the ledge of the bathtub. The way the colors intertwined made the tub look there was a crystal inside of it. I used my index finger to swirl some of the colors together. The colors frothed as the bomb completely dissolved into the water, forming small galaxy pockets in the bathtub.

I stood up straight and tugged the clothes off of my body. Once the final garment was removed I slowly dipped my toe in the water. The colors wrapped around my body as I submerged my body into the water. I tilted my head back and breathed in evenly. This day to myself had ended nicely.


This is just another aesthetic piece.


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