An Analytical Approach

I mentioned in my New Year’s post that I wanted to give reviewing different TV shows a shot. Show reviews are some of the most interesting things that I’ve seen on the internet, it’s one of the main types of YouTube channels that I follow. I enjoy the seriousness of it. In my mind, it shows the love that a lot of the reviewers have for the shows and the craft that they are reviewing. As it could be assumed, I too have a lot of love for story telling, especially through the medium of animation. As such, I want to try writing reviews for different TV shows.

Some reviews will be my opinion and analysis on the show as a whole. Depending on the show and it’s size, it would either be separated by seasons or by strings of episode based on the flow of the story. Some of the analysis will zero in on characters, settings or even on the technical side of the show.

I want to start by reviewing/ analyzing my favorite show; Avatar the Last Airbender. This show is honestly one of the main reasons I grew a love and respect for the art of storytelling and creating characters. I feel like reviewing a show that I like will help me in taking a first step in reviews.

That being said, these types of reviews are not something that I could do for daily posts and still make them the quality that I want. I’ll figure out a schedule, but I hope you guys are looking forward to it since this is something that I’m very excited about!


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