Self Love

So today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that means a lot of things for a lot of people, which comes with an expectation for said people. There is an expectation for love to be spread, and that is something that I am very fond of. We see a lot of negativity, so a day that is focused on love is a positive to me. But what does this day of love mean to someone who is single? I can tell you my point of view, seeing that I’m single and have been for a while now. Self- love has a significant meaning on this day. Similar to how love shouldn’t just be expressed on Valentine’s Day, self- love should be something that people partake in on a relatively regular basis.

Now just to preface, this isn’t to say that you should coddle yourself on Valentine’s day just because you’re single. This isn’t a pity part, just a different way to partake on this day of love. So the first thing that I do, in regards to self- love, is to simply relax. Love is a lot of things and one of them comes from a place of serenity. True, sometimes relationships are stressful, that includes with a significant other and with one’s self. That being said, the act of love should be relatively stress- free.

There are several things that a person can do to and for themselves when single on Valentine’s day. Something that I found that I really enjoyed last Valentine’s Day was to bake pastries. Yes, it was initially a means to present myself with chocolates and sweets. It’s rather surprising how intimate cooking can be, as well as relaxing. So the process of making these sweets was a form of self love in itself. I intended to enjoy them on my own. However, something that really heightened this process of self- love on Valentine’s Day was when I shared what I made with family and friends. Remember, that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about receiving, but also giving (yes, that sounds like a clichéd line in a Christmas movie). Being able to give, is a form of love and that is healthy and pleasant for both parties, the chocolate may not be though.

Being comfortable alone is an essential part to self- love. After baking, I watched TV on my computer. Sitting in my room may sound a bit sad, but it was honestly so pleasant. I have long since become comfortable with myself, excluding times when anxiety rears its ugly head but that happens both in and out of a relationship. Anyway, you don’t have to only sit alone in your room. Taking yourself out on a date is a very pleasant and nice way to practice self- love on Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

Understand, these tips aren’t for “surviving” Valentine’s Day with out a significant other. That mentality is rather harmful to truly partaking in self- love. So, I hope you guys have a happy Valentine’s Day!



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