When Life Give You Lemons…

via Daily Prompt: Juicy

… You make lemonade right? This juicy and refreshing beverage in the better half of the very well known saying; “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”. I’m sure we are all very familiar with this saying and have used it on different occasions. But it’s made me really think about the idea of positivity, or rather, forced positivity. Are we really happy when we force ourselves to be? I’ll be discussing that now. To preface, I don’t know the answer, this is just my opinion.

My initial reaction is to say that forced positivity isn’t the same as just being positive or happy. Let’s use the lemonade quote as a reference. So someone has just thrown some lemons your way with the expectation that you make yourself a batch of lemonade. But there’s a lot that is missing. The most basic being that you don’t have a pitcher. You have no water, sugar or anything to cut or juice the lemons. You have no means to make this lemonade that you’re expected to make. That’s the same with positivity. You’ve been dealt a very hard and unfair and you’re expected to make good of it. However, you haven’t been given any tools or means to truly deal with these issues. This is the problem I have with forced positivity. It does little to genuinely help someone. It even comes with a sense of being condemned if you don’t adhere to this forced positivity.

Though I still stand by the previous paragraph, there are positives to the idea of making lemonade. There’s another popular quote that I think can be connected with the lemonade quote; “fake it til you make it”. I believe that things like confidence and positivity don’t just come out of nowhere. I mention this YouTuber a lot, but Anna Akana covered this in a portion of one of her videos. She said that she would laugh until she felt less depressed. This can help with forcing yourself to become more positive even if you aren’t quite as happy.

These are my views on the concept of forced positivity. I hope this helps someone or makes someone think. Thank you for reading!


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