My Art is My Baby (and an Update)

I am someone who loves babies. They’re so cute and the purest expression of joy can almost always be seen in the bright smile of a baby. That being said, I don’t necessarily want to have a baby anytime soon. One reason being, that I feel like I already have a baby. As said in the title, I feel that my art and expression of creativity is my baby.

Yes, this does sound a bit weird seeing that artwork isn’t on the same level of a baby. Though, I do feel that I do a lot to nurture my work, almost like a baby. I create it, often times through, months of preparation. I nurture it to grow. In regards to writing, I nurture it through creating outlines to strengthen the bones of the story, comparable to giving the baby milk. I flesh out the draft, characters and the world in which they live which is similar to helping a child crawl on their own for the first time.

It can be seen in art as well. Drawing the outlines of the scene you’re drawing is akin to feeding the baby milk. Laying down the lines for the art is like when a mother first let her baby crawl on its own. As an artist lays down each layer of color it can be compared to teaching a child lessons as they grow.

For me, and I’m sure many others can understand, I treat my craft as I would my own child. There’s so much love involved in both, after all.


So, last week I mentioned that I wanted to do reviews on shows and that would likely be my focus and would push my schedule to weekly updates. I will be starting that next week and the day that I upload, will be the usual day for the reviews. I’m still unsure if I will post more, it will depend on the workload that I have in graduate school. Anyway, hope you like it!


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