When a Show becomes an Experience

Do you ever watch a show and wish you could pull out your passport and go visit? To breath in the sights that you see some of you favorite characters live seems like one of the most fun adventures.  That is honestly one a show becomes so much more than a show to me. Every aspect of world building is so fascinating to me. It can truly make or break the immersion into the show.

I’ve talked a lot about the Avatar series, and it’ll honestly come up in this post as well, but this series most certainly the only show. Another show that did an amazing job at immersing their audience was Disney’s Gravity Falls. This was a show that mainly played on the channel Disney XD which naturally means that it was aimed at children. I saw the show when I was 21, so I well over the age of the intended audience. That being said, I wanted to visit this little town that the main characters inhabited. I felt like I experienced what the characters, Dipper and Mabel, experienced because of how well written the town was.

So what is it that make a show’s world a place you’d want to visit and how does that affect the experience of the show? I’ve talked a lot about world building and character building/ development. What makes a show more real  is how well the characters and their world blend together. It solidifies the real aspects of the show. Let’s look at Avatar: The Last Airbender, specifically at the Water nation. The way that this nation is written, it’s not just an arbitrary area with a set of rules. There is a culture. That culture is displayed by the characters. I’d like to quickly note that side characters are just as important as the main characters, in that they also need to be written like real people as well.

When we get to know the characters in how they interact with their home, it begins to feel like a home to the audience as well. In the Water nation we meet common villagers, royalty, rebels, children, the eclectic and many different types of people. It feels a lot like our own homes. We all have that nice neighbor, the loud neighbor, the super sweet barista who never gets your order wrong, the “It” family and so many more people.

I truly love shows that let me immerse myself and let me experience what the characters do. I’m someone who likes to travel, though I have yet to leave my country just yet. That being said, there’s something about feeling like you’re traveling an unknown world with well written characters.


The picture was found here:  http://ghreece.tumblr.com/post/120313243996


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