Haikus and Poems about Everything and Nothing

I’m completely drained from finals week, which is still going on mind you. The combination of ten to twenty page papers is leaving me tired and stress. But, I still want to upload this week, so I figured I’d challenge myself and write a few poems using the daily prompt, mostly haikus because I’m not as well versed in writing them.

A Course Called Life

An obstacle course,

It’s spiked layout is painful.

Life always is, though.

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Strangers stay at bay.

But friends can’t touch the long spikes.

A sad dilemma.

Spiked with “Happiness”

She spikes her drink with a little bit of happiness,

making a drink that guides her to a blurry abyss.

Maybe ‘happiness’ doesn’t quite fit.

She closes her eyes, to forget his wit,

That tussled brown hair, and manipulative smile.

She squints her eyes as the table grows by a mile.

She pours more happiness, the smell so strong.

She feels wetness in her eye, everything feels wrong.

The abandoned ring on the table leaves a heaviness in her heart.

She desperately wants to calm down, but doesn’t know where to start.

The spiked happiness does little to quell her pain,

the stream of tears leaving a bitter stain.




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