Don’t Down Play Your Milestones

I’m sure that I’m not an only one who has a goal, or even more than one. We all have that one big thing that we want to attain. A goal comes in many shapes and forms. I have several goals myself. One goal of mine is to complete a novel. A few of my other goals is to finish an animation, get my doctorate and to finish an art piece. These goals are things that I spend the majority time trying to get closer to attaining these goals. Naturally, none of these goals happen overnight. In fact, I’m sure most goals take quite a bit of time to accomplish. There are a lot of things that have to happen prior to being able to reach these goals.

With all these goals, there are smaller milestones that happen. Something that I used to do was to really not regard them. However, I’ve recently thought about how counterintuitive that mentality is. These milestones were something that I was initially proud of, but pushed down because it wasn’t that goal. I don’t know why I get like this, but it happens to me a lot…

For example, one of the first goals that I mentioned was that I want to write a novel, and am in the process of it. Truthfully, this has taken me longer than most since I’ve had the idea for well over five years. My first milestone was to write out the entirety of the outline for my story. I was proud initially, but then downplayed it as almost nothing. Each milestone that you make is something that you should be proud of. Sticking to writing a novel, each little milestone leads to getting closer to the end goal. This isn’t to say that every single thing that one does is deserving of accolades.

The things that we do to get closer to our dreams, desires and goals are important. They’re teachable lessons. They’re things that can help guide us to our goals. Yes, giving small milestones the same regard as the end goals isn’t the way to go. But neither is downplaying them. A healthy understanding of the importance of milestones helps give an appreciation of the journey to the goal.


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