Life is Like a Maze… Or Something Like That

When I think of a maze, I think of something interesting and fun. It makes me think of the times when I was younger with my younger brothers; running through the county cornfield maze in the fall. For the longest time. I equated mazes to something positive. So when I think of the phrase mentioned in the title, I think of something more positive.

So naturally, life is rarely ever straight forward and can be a bit confusing, like a maze. The twists and turns can all lead to something unexpected, just like in a cornfield maze. But when it comes to life, and for me that entails something creative, each turn  or corridor is new opportunity.

I have an example of this from an older post I wrote. In writing the first draft of my novel, things took a rather unexpected turn when it came to writing out the ending. But this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I wrote that post several months ago. Even in that short of time, my feelings toward an unexpected twist have changed. Now I see it as a new opportunity.

I feel that a positive mindset can have an impact on any aspect of life. When thinking positively, the concept of a maze becomes far less daunting and is more of a fun and new opportunity.


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