Originality in Collaboration

I’m someone who enjoys writing stories. I really like writing poems, short stories and even scripts. One of my favorite genres to write are adventure and suspense stories. As such, I pride myself on creativity and originality. I get a lot of my ideas based on life experiences, dreams and various other ideas that come to mind  These ideas are one’s that I consider to solely be my own. But what of stories that are a collaboration or where the ideas came from another person than just the writer? The argument that there are no more original ideas is one to be looked into at another time, but that’s not what this post is about.

This question came to me when I was talking to a friend of mine. He gave a very interesting story idea based off of an experience that I was relaying to him. I joked that if were to ever publish the story, he would be labeled as a co- writer. I was left wondering if this idea, originated from a friend, could be considered originally my own.

To this, I say that it is. The way that a story is presented and written varies from writer to writer. The way that I would go into this idea is different from how my friend would have; from the setting down to the characters. That is where the originality in a collaboration comes from. The end product is still heavily influenced by the artistic vision of the writer. This is also seen in collaborative art. I did a collaboration piece with my friend and roommate from undergraduate. We drew a piece together where I drew a person holding a snake which she drew. Both of our artistic styles were present yet also separate. The originality may not be in the idea alone, but in it’s presentation.

This was a short post, but something that was on my mind and worked so well with today’s daily prompt. Hopefully this could help someone.


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