From Reader to Writer

I have written a lot from my view point as a creator in this blog. But before I was ever a writer, I was a reader. My love for writing came from my love as an avid reader. I feel that sometimes, I tend to forget what it is that would draw me into these books as I work on my own. As I work on my second draft, I try to recall some of the things that drew me into books and implement that into my work.

Immersive Worlds

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I have written several posts about world building and things of that ilk. I, like many others, look to the various media as means of escape. In one of my posts, I spoke on how I enjoy consuming media that makes me feel like I have traveled to somewhere completely different and new. I like feeling like I have been put into this place and I get to see, breathe and taste what the characters do. This is a feeling that I want to work on implementing into my own works. On a more shallow note, it also does a lot to buff up the story.

Interesting Characters

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The characters of a piece of media are the most interesting for me. This could just be me, but a character can make or break the level of enjoyment I have for that particular media. If I can’t connect to the character, then it tends to take me out of the story. So when there’s a character that can capture one’s attention, it does a lot to make me like the story even more. I look back on some of my favorite books, television and movies and I know that the main reason it stuck in my mind was heavily influenced by the characters. I try to keep this in mind as I develop my characters. I don’t want them to be irritatingly perfect, nor do I want them to obnoxiously flawed. I want the characters I create to be real; as that is what I love to see as a reader.

Deeper Character Interactions

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This may sound like something that isn’t all too important, but it means a lot to me as a reader and a writer. As people, we develop in life through our experiences. I know for me, I have been effected by the interactions I’ve had with other people. I thing this is significant for characters in media as well. As a reader, I like seeing a friendship or even a romantic relationship develop between characters and how that affects them further in the story. I try to keep this in mind even in the initial developing stage of my characters.

These are the main things that I noted as a reader as important. I feel like when I keep these in mind as I write, I do much better. And for those wondering, all the gifs used in this post are all from Miyazaki films. I feel that he does the best at encompassing all of the things that I feel are important in story telling. He is truly phenomenal.


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