Are My Goals Too Far?

Sometimes, I find myself getting pretty stressed out about where I am on the path to accomplishing my goals. On some days, it feels like my goals are extremely distant. Other times, it seems as if the goals I have are just within reach. I find myself perplexed on how it changes for me.


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So, I’ve found myself wondering why my goals go from seeming close or distant. Some of that stems from the fact that the goal itself changes. This change is more often than not based on the goal itself. I’ll use one of my goals as an example. One of my goals is to finish my novel. Sometimes, that goal has more things that are needed to achieve it. Once I finished my first draft, I thought that I was that much closer to finishing my novel. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that my goal wasn’t quite as close as I thought. It’s not that the goal itself got further, it’s just that I had underestimated that it took to reach this goal. So how does one change this?

Stay Calm and Keep Pushing

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I’ve written about this mindset several times on my blog. But for me, the main thing that helps with any issue is to remain calm and to keep working. Stressing yourself out never does anything positive. Putting too much pressure on yourself is definitely detrimental. I know that it’s the case for me. When I’m too stressed, I’m completely stagnant. I’m not saying to be completely lax either. Being too relaxed in a situation isn’t a good thing. Work ethic is still necessary in accomplishing a goal. A healthy balance between the two tends to work best for me.

A goal may seem too far away at times and that can definitely be a very daunting feeling. For me, it took me really understanding what my goal actually was. I think the feeling of a goal being too distant stems from not really understanding the goal itself. This will help with bringing the goal closer faster.


2 Replies to “Are My Goals Too Far?”

  1. I think it is great that you never gave up! Maybe if you write down every step you need along the way and have a long term plan that may make the goal seem realistic? For me, I never do that because then the long list makes me feel unmotivated – but it may work for you!


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