The Smell of Summer

Yesterday, today and tomorrow will all smell new;

from the smell of food, to grass in fresh dew.

Some days I smell bar- b- que and its plethora of food.

It makes me think of family with a “togetherness” mood.

Other days, I smell the crisp down pour of summer rain,

the water feeding the ground or running down a drain.

The smell of fresh fruit is a pleasantry to my nose.

It’s just as pleasant as when children play with the hose.

They spray the water of the grass and each other.

The game continues until they see their mother.

With a warm smile the mother begins to fill the pool.

I sit back with my lemonade on my stool.

Though I’m no longer a child, I recognize their feelings.

It’s those smile that always made summer so appealing.

Even my brothers are enjoying the summer sun.

It was only awhile ago that I enjoyed that same fun.

The smells of summer are always the nostalgic kind,

it’s a feeling of happiness that stays on my mind.


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