Quality in Quantity

There is a saying that is used very often for various situations. This saying is “quality over quantity”. To an extent, I understand what this is saying and how it is impacted by the context. It can be displayed through many creative outlets. If in making too many pieces, the quality of these pieces are negatively impacted, then it’s necessary to not take on so many at a time. For some, having a high volume of work can hurt the work itself. It’s seen in art, books and many other facets of creativity.

That being said, I don’t believe that it is impossible to have multiple pieces that are of satisfactory quality. As I alluded before, it is based on the context of the situation. How a creator handles getting a high quantity of pieces that are also of quality is often based on the context of the situation.

Quality in a Time Crunch

The main time that I see myself having issues with quality over quantity is when I have a time crunch. I have several examples where I had to come up with multiple pieces of quality. One example is when I had to make three art pieces within a week for an assignment I had in my freshman year of undergrad. For me, it usually takes me quite awhile to finish a piece to my liking. I’ve also had a similar situation with my writing where I was expected to make short stories for class and finish a multitude of script assignments for another class. None of which could be lacking in quality. However, I didn’t half do my work and I didn’t put it off. The key is to really manage your time wisely. Though the work all sounded daunting, when I sat down to work, I found that there were things that I would do that would detract from the time that I put into my work. I learned that when I kept my phone and wifi off, I was able to easily breeze through my work.

Another technique was to separate the work that I had to do for each piece with breaks in between. I didn’t separate by time, but by section. For example, I separated my short story into sections; the idea and outline, draft 1, draft 2 and the final product. This way, I was able to easily get chunks of the work done.

This was my main way to get quality even when I had a large quantity of work to get done,


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