The Versatility of Creativity

If there was ever a daily post that fit with my blog, it would definitely be this one. This blog’s namesake comes from a love of creativity and how one chooses to embody their creativity. What I love most about creativity is that it’s not one size fits all. Creativity manifests itself in so many different ways that it would be a disservice to narrow it down.

I’m someone that likes to dabble. The beauty of creativity is that I can try my hand at so many different things to express my version of creativity and what it means to me. From the lines of a poem, to the strokes of a brush and even back to each time my fingers tap onto the keyboard to vocalize my thoughts; creativity is amazingly versatile. Each method has the potential to tell a new story or give a new message. I’m someone who loves writing and drawing, but creativity is also seen in dance, making videos, music, and the list goes on.

What are the benefits to the versatility of creativity? To me, the benefits are limitless. Being a Jack of all trades (a Jill in my case), is a benefit in that of itself. There may be something that I want to express or message that I want to convey that can change between the mediums. What I write would most likely be different than what I draw.

The only negative I can give is that a lack of focus has the capacity to muddy skills. I learned in a video that it takes ten years to truly master something. The way I think about it, is for someone to master an aspect of creativity. There was a video I watched a long time ago by Anna Akana called “Level Up” and it definitely opened my eyes to the vastness of creativity. She explained that she wanted to master story telling. I think that this mind set is a great way to show case the versatility of what it means to be creative. One can master story telling and express it through novels, painting, animation and even more physical manifestations of creativity like dancing.

There is a beauty to creativity and being a creative person. I love to see how people express their creative message and seeing the things that they create.


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