Back to the Basics

I know that I’m am someone who gets caught up in the spectacle of creativity. This is something that I have noticed in the process of making creative pieces. I tend to put an arbitrary level of significance on things that don’t matter. I’ve noticed this in the tools that I use when creating. With my writing, I want the best notebooks that fit my aesthetic and the nicest pens. That is, however, when I haven’t opted to type over traditional means of writing. I noticed this in my art as well. I want specific pens, markers and paints, even when I’m not particularly familiar with the tools themselves. This thinking bogs me down, as one could expect.

The best way for me to snap out of this way of thinking is to go back to the basics. I think of how simple it must have been for writers to just grab their quill and a few sheets of paper to start laying out their story. I notice that I do better when I do the same thing. When I just sit back with my notebook and a pencil, I tend to actually get things done.

Its the same for my art. When I just sit down and work on the fundamentals, without stressing out over the tools, I tend to finish more drawings. When I simply let go and just draw what I see in my head, I get closer to actually getting that done.

This can apply to anything. Focusing on the task and not how it should get done, makes it easier to actually finish said task. I’ve tried to keep this mind set, not only when I write or draw, but also in school, diet and exercise. I hope this helps someone who may have struggled with feeling bogged down in the past!


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