Caper through Doubt

The mind is a strange thing, indeed.

Riddled with things you don’t need.

Self- doubt, anxiety and depression,

the come in wave or in quick succession.

But what can one do when overtaken by doubt?

The best option I’ve found is to caper about.

How does that help problems we don’t see?

Well it’s really quite simple, at least for me.

Finding enjoyment in the things that I do

leaves little room for happiness to ensue.

At first it feels silly, maybe even fake;

but try a playful skip for your mind’s sake.

Try to see things as a dream, not a task.

It alleviates stress, in joy you can bask.

Now, understand, for some it may feel forced,

but often a change in mind set needs to coerced.

For these emotions, certain steps need to be had.

It’s not as easy as a simple, “Don’t be sad”.

But given the chance to frolic through creativity,

might give the mind some much needed levity.


This was a little different from how I write poems as well as my normal posts. I wanted to challenge myself and mix the two. I hope this was both useful and enjoyable!






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