The Tailor- Made Life and How to get There

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I want to live a life that I’ve been able to tailor to my personality. From my professional life to my personal life; I want it to fit what I like and what I want to be. So how does one get to that point? This is actually something that I am also learning. That being said, I can give some tips that have helped me get closer to this goal.

Get to Know Yourself to Know Your Goal

Imagine that you’re trying to drive to a particular place; any place that you want to go. However, you don’t really know how to get to that place and you barely know where this place is. You’ve just heard that this place is pretty nice and overheard vague direction how to get there. This feeling is what I equate trying to reach a highly personal goal without knowing your self. I had to take some time to really understand who I was in order to get closer to getting to what I wanted. My goals and personality used to be a very confusing area for me. I wanted to be what I thought was expected of me. I used to place value on things arbitrarily based on what I thought others wanted, thought or expected me to be.

Though it sounds daunting, getting to know yourself is possible. For me, I had to let go of a lot of those expectations. Some of the things that I placed value on were things that I didn’t really like. When I let go of those things, I started to explore what it was that I truly liked. Once I did that, I asked myself why I liked these things. This process was how I found out a lot about myself and how I came to get a better understanding of who I was.

When I took the time to know who I truly was, I was able to see what I truly wanted to be.

Sacrifice and Compromise

For many of us, the phrase “you can’t get something for nothing” is very much true. Most things in this life do not come easy or without some type of push back. For me, a tailor made life is a profession in academia with a multitude of creative outlets. In order to get that, I’m currently having to make a lot of sacrifices and compromises. This sounds like you’re losing something (and that’s honestly what I thought initially) but you’re really not in the long run.

When it comes to sacrifices, I initially thought that I was having to get rid of other things that I cared about. However, that was not the case. In the beginning, I found that these sacrifices were more like “trimming fat”. There were a lot of frivolous things that I didn’t realize were in the way of my goals. I’ll be more specific to the things in my life. Some of my goals involve money. School is, as I’m sure many people know, very expensive. I had to sacrifice certain activities to be able to save money for school and the things I’d need for school.

Compromise tends to go hand in hand with this. I had a hierarchy of what was more important to me. I had to put more of my time and energy into the things that I valued and what would get me closer to my tailored life.

I hope this is helpful! Again, this has been my journey and it’s only the beginning.


2 Replies to “The Tailor- Made Life and How to get There”

  1. you’re so dedicated! i need to get like you lol. Im putting my page under construction and will have to change some things and plan differently but hopefully when i come back to it, it’ll be more organized.

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