When Nothing Goes Right

There’s nothing more disastrous than feeling like nothing is going right in the creative process. For me, when I’m confronted with a multitude of road blocks, it tends to push to a full shut down. This so frustrating because it sets me back so much further than I had intended.

So what does it mean for everything to go wrong? That varies from person to person. I can only speak for myself; and even for me, it varies based on what it is that I’m trying to do. My focus for the past year has been my writing. I, much to my dismay, have periods where it feels like every aspect of my writing is falling apart on a disastrous level. Some of the specific issues I have are struggling with the dynamic between characters, realistic world building with consistent rules, avoiding contrivances and even simply trying to muscle through a scene. I have some of the same issues with art, where I feel like nothing looks right. What exactly causes these set backs and struggles?

One of the main ones that gets me is when I feel overwhelmed. I’ve written about this before, but it’s something that happens frequently and almost always makes everything go wrong. All the examples that I mentioned when I’m writing tend to happen all at once. This, as one could expect, is completely overwhelming. This feeling consumes my mind and makes it hard to push forward. Getting over this hurdle isn’t always an easy fix. Something like that often involves some internal fixing. There are different methods that a person can do. The top three for me are to unplug or disconnect from all social media, meditate or exercise. This tends to help me center myself and get a task done. As an aside, I haven’t done any of those things today, I feel overwhelmed and it’s taken me five hours just to get tot his point in my blog. But on days where I take my own advice, I tend to be far more productive.

For me, a lot of my set backs stem from stress and anxiety. I understand that this is something that I need to handle a day at a time. Some of those days just happen to really kick me down. This week has been chock full of those days. But hopefully this helps someone; be it from knowing that you’re not alone or from seeing options that could help.


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