Opening the Flood Gates

There is a feeing that can’t be explained,

it’s a feeling that has no name.

We understand what it means to be sad;

the various emotions that we’ve all had.

It’s one of those feelings that’s in between,

I’m sure it’s something we’ve all seen.

You can feel heaviness behind your eyes,

and your throat scratches with unheard cries.

The crushing of the gate floods your mind,

and there’s nothing to say, no words to find.

It’s that feeling just before the tears start to flow,

like a heavy- weight boxer delivering a final blow.

But what should we do when we feel this emotion?

I like to let things go through the motion.

Holding back your feelings can do more harm,

but opening the flood gates has it’s own charm.

There’s few things more refreshing than letting emotions go,

opening the flood gates and letting the tears flow.

I’ve learned, over time, that it’s better to be honest with your feelings,

even if it is something that can leave you reeling.



2 Replies to “Opening the Flood Gates”

  1. I like your post, some time we forget about our selves being humans and we store emotion deep until one day it comes out breaking through all the walls we have created and then the flood gate is released.

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