Through the Ruins

It was as if a force of nature kept his feet cemented in place. The dense foggy atmosphere did little to quell the beads of sweat that began to form at the back of his neck. If anything, it made the tight clenching of his stomach twist and churn even more. Samuel worried at his bottom lip before straightening his posture. He took a shallow breath and forced his foot to creep forward. The tumble of a falling brick halted what little progress he had made. The searing silence was only disturbed by the sound of his own hearth thumping in his chest.

“This is right,” a small voice said from behind him. Samuel whipped around before heaving a deep sigh of relief. He had momentarily forgotten about his companions; Cecilia and Margaret. Cecilia had her hand loosely enclosed in Margaret’s, her dark complexion smoothly mingling with the latter’s pale skin. Cecilia shook her head.

“This town, it wasn’t like this before,” she mumbled. Samuel pursed his lips together before turning on his heel. He wrapped his hands around their intertwined fingers.

“It’s fine. We just have to pass through this town and we’re one step closer,” he assured, his voice louder than he had intended it to be. Margaret looked past him to gaze at the fog engulfed town.

“This place… it’s in ruins,” she said.

“This place was full of people a year ago,” Cecilia followed. Samuel breathed evenly through his nose. He gripped their hands and pulled him along behind him, quietly murmuring that they had to keep going. There were plenty of houses and building that were still in tact. Thick gray and dull red bricks clung to their foundations in obstinance to whatever had run off the people who had occupied them. Even so, Samuel could tell what type of town this was. From the dingy and unkempt streets, to the rusty doors, it was obviously not a town that flourished economically. He averted his eyes from the dried blood that painted portions of the building.

The trio trudged through the ruins. Their eyes were cast down, avoiding any hints or semblances of what had happened to the town. Samuel could feel the tremors in their hands. He squeezed gently to try and soothe their nerves. Once they pressed through the town, the fog still hung heavily in the air. Samuel vaguely wondered if the heaviness was something else that hung in the trio’s hearts.


I haven’t written a short scene like this in a while. These three are characters of mine from a different story that I’ve been working on. I hope you liked this piece!



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