An Amble Stroll

Nature surrounded me accompanied with a smooth breeze,

leaving me to maneuver my amble stroll with ease.

The soil was still damp with the past days rain,

but there was a calm feeling; irritation I couldn’t feign.

I could feel the air of fall taking it’s mark.

Not to ignore summer; it was an adventure to embark.

But as I take my last stroll before the papers and books;

I can’t help but to give the forest one last look.

Damp leaves, earthy smells and animals that scurry;

a scene to be replaced with pens, notes and going to class in a hurry.

But by this I’m not saddened, I look proudly ahead,

for my classes don’t leave me with a sense of dread.

Not like high school; where the hours took it’s toll.

Now I look at school as I do this amble stroll.

There are things that cause concern, yes that’s true.

But with both endeavors, there’s something to learn that’s new.

Where the fork in the forest leads or how to analyze texts,

both leave me hungry for what it is I can do next.



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