How to Level Up your Writing

Though I delegate my activities to be on the creative and academic spectrum, I also find an abundant amount of entertainment in video games. Don’t worry, this relevant to the title of the blog post. Anyway, one of my favorite concepts in video games is leveling up. It’s quite literal and visual representation of seeing the progress you’ve made manifest into a skill of some sort. As one could expect, I try to carry this over into academics and creativity. What I have been focusing on recently, is ways to elevate my writing. What exactly do I mean by that? I simple way to put it is how I make my writing less boring. When I first started creative writing, I struggled a lot with a very boring and bland writing style. There are a few things I had to learn to do in order to develop my writing style into something more interesting; which I plan to detail in this blog.

Get the Bare Bones of the Story

For me, putting too much pressure on the first step of any story has stunted the likelihood of that particular story ever finishing. I had to understand that the first draft was not going to be some best seller epic worthy of a movie adaptation (if any of my writing were to get there in the first place would be a blessing). In the first stage of crafting a particular story, it’s better to get an understanding of the basic flow of the plot, characters and setting. I noticed that when I was trying too hard to adjust my writing before this step, it just read like a convoluted idea with no direction.

Develop a Voice

Once I got the bare bones of a story done, I was able to get a feel of what direction I wanted to take my story. I feel that the writing style is heavily dependent on the voice and nature of the story at hand. This is the main reason why Sci- fi and fantasy novels sound completely different from romance novels. The concept of voice is also necessary for many different media as well. Look at TV series. Many series have varying voices. An example can even be seen in shows that are under the same production umbrella. An example can be seen in how Sense8 and Black Mirror have different voices while both are Netflix originals within similar genres. The voice has a significant impact on how a story will be written and portrayed.

Another way to think of the voice is the mood of the story. What feeling an emotions are being portrayed in the story?

Word Choice

This final piece of advice ties into the concept of voice. The words that a writer chooses tend to be deliberate; though not so much so in the “bare bones” stage. Word choice impacts the image that is being portrayed. When it’s all said and done, writing is typically supposed to evoke emotions and an image from the reader. Using the phrase “surged forward” ad opposed to “ran forward” paint different pictures. However, I tend to avoid excessively altering my word choice. It’s a personal preference because it can sometimes feel a bit overbearing.


I hope these three tips are useful!


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