Why “Mystery” is Important for Story Building

I love writing; all aspects of it. I love the process of story- telling, however grueling it may be sometimes. I love developing characters, building a world and all that is entailed in building a story. Throughout my years of developing my writing style, I’ve learned something that has helped me exponentially in developing my stories. One of the most enticing part of falling into a story is the mystery.

Before I was a writer, I was a reader. I still am. I haven’t liked every book that I have read and the books that I did read were so immersive. Though I’ve liked a multitude of genres, there was one consistent thing; there was a sense of mystery. No, that didn’t always involve solving a murder case. Well, there are similar elements.

To explain simply, giving the audience a chance to figure out the ins and outs of a story is why a sense of mystery is important to story building. This ties into the often hear concept of “show don’t tell”. This is one of the key rules that writers tend to abide by. Giving away all the information gives no room for the creativity of the audience. Being able to form an opinion on a particular story beat, or a character’s motivation is what helps make a story immersive.

I feel that this immersiveness is what leads to a story’s success. A sense of mystery, or something for an audience to look forward to within the narrative of a story is essential to be enjoyable, at least, for me anyway. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


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