Do Daily Planners Impede Creativity?

When it comes  to time management, I am completely inefficient. There will by times where I feel as if time has just flown by, only to realize that I’ve actually been wasting time watching videos or playing solitaire with real cards for the entire day. In that time, I may have written a full sentence on whatever it is that I am working on or maybe read a half a page in a book or article. This inefficiency lead me to try my hand a daily planners.

There are a multitude of ways to go about making a daily planner. At first, I tried making planners that mapped out the entire day, hour-by-hour. This type of daily planner did indeed impede on my creativity. There was a significant amount of pressure to follow the planner to a tee. While this pressure was self induced, it was still very present. So much so, that I would avoid delving too deeply into my more creative endeavors as to ensure that I stayed on track with my use of time.

The type of daily planner that helped me out the most was a to do and not to do daily planner. Like a lot of my more productive progress, I first heard of this from an Anna Akana video. With this, I make a list of what I absolutely need to do for the day and a list of things that I absolutely need to avoid. This gave me the ability to do what I needed in any time frame that I thought was necessary to finish said thing.

So to answer the question proposed in the title; no, daily planners do not impede on creativity. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you.


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