Venting about Procrastination

I’m having to come to terms with the fact that I am notorious for procrastinating. It’s honestly pretty annoying. I’ve noticed it a lot since going on summer break from my first year of grad school. During grad school, I was pretty much on top of all of my work and even my writing. But since going on break, its been pretty stagnant. For me, a lack of productivity is something that leaves me frustrated, even though I continue to do it.

Even now, this small little paragraph you see up there. It took me four hours. I honestly couldn’t tell you what I was doing for it to take me that long. It felt like nothing really happened, but some how, four hours passed by.

But to be perfectly honest, it’s not all negative. Though being lazy is frustrating, I know that I needed a break. A little reprieve is a good thing. It’s just a matter of avoiding spending the entire day doing nothing of substance… like I did today. Again, this is just vent post since I’ve been very lazy today.

Helping my Teacher

Day #26: Write a 400 word stream- of- consciousness from the mind of an eighth grade boy. Set it in a common area in a school. The thoughts should begin as frivolous, and develop into something that moves him into some kind of action.

Alright, if I pack my bag while Mr. Stevens isn’t looking, I can beeline to the cafeteria! I’ll be first in line for on- ah crap, he’s looking right at me. Chill, chill. Oh, he’s asking a question. Please don’t ask me, please don’t ask me… ah, thank God. Man, I’m starving. What time is it? Seriously? Ugh, I have a whole hour till lunch?! This class is killing me. I was really excited about those onion rings too. Do I have enough money? I think so. Yeah, ok, at least I didn’t forget that. Ok, focus, focus. I still don’t get why we have to take an English class… it’s not like any of us don’t already know how to speak English.

Ah, it’s raining. I thought that it was pretty gray out there. It’s coming down pretty hard. I’m getting kinda sleepy looking at it. No, gotta stay awake, gotta stay focused. What time is it now? God, I’m so hungry! And tired. Oh crap, I should write that down. Hmmm… maybe I’m not the only one who’s looking pretty tired. Mr. Stevens looks like he’s going to fall over. Maybe he gets sleepy when it rains too. He’s got a lot of papers stacked on his desk.

Now that I think about it, he never seems to be in one spot. I mean, just before break he waited till band practice started to help me with my studying. It wasn’t just me. I think Sammy said that he helped her with a story. No wonder he’s so tired, he’s completely overworked. Are those papers… the fifth graders’ exams? He still hasn’t graded those? Not to mention we turn in our papers pretty soon. How’s he going to finish all of this alone? Mr. Stevens always helps me, no not just me, everybody whenever they need help. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone stop to help him though.

He’s been looking pretty tired… break only ended a few weeks ago, but he’s still been doing so much. Maybe I can help him. Yeah, I could totally help him out! I probably can’t help with my class, but I bet he’ll let me help with the other class. Is it lunch time already? Huh, I didn’t even notice the bell ring. Alright, that’s what I’ll do. Hopefully, he lets me help.

Let Love Fix it

Day #25: Write a sequence of letters/ e- mails between an angry son and his absentee father. The father has recently tried to re- enter his son’s life but the son is rebuffing his attempts at reconciliation. In the end, the mother intervenes.

To: Jason

Cc: Melanie

Subject: Hello and I’m Sorry

Hello, J.J. It’s been a while hasn’t it. I saw a video of you on FaceBook. You’re number 75, right? Son, I’m so proud of you. I know it’s been a long time, and I’m sorry for that. I have a lot that I want to talk to you about. I know that I owe you an explanation and so much more. I want to give that to you. I went ahead and tagged your mother. We should get lunch together sometime, maybe next Thursday. I hope we can meet. I’ve missed you so much, J.J. I love you.

– Your Dad, Frank

To: Frank

Cc: Melanie

Subject: Re: Hello and I’m Sorry

Hey dad. Yes, that’s me. Funny, I saw a photo of you on your own team. I guess football is all we’ve got in common. I’ll keep it short I don’t want to meet up. I’ve got senior duties so I’m busy. And no one calls me J.J.

To: Jason

Cc: Melanie

Subject: Re:Re: Hello and I’m Sorry

Hello, son. I’m sorry for replying so late. You have every right to be angry with me, and I’m so sorry. I understand your frustration, but please give me a chance. I miss you so much and I know I don’t deserve anything from you. I’m sure you have a lot on your plate, and I’m honestly so proud of you, J.J. I truly hope one day you can forgive because I would love to meet with you and to fix our situation.

I love you, son.

To: Frank

Cc: Melanie

Subject: Re:Re:Re: Hello and I’m Sorry

Dad I really don’t want to talk, not right now. I know you love me, and I love you too, just saying. And yeah, I’m angry, you ditched me and mom and never bothered to call or visit. Stop bothering me.

To: Jason

Cc: Frank

Subject: Love

Hello, honey. I’ve seen the messages between you two. I know, it’s been hard for you. You’ve done so well and we’re both so proud of you. Your father has been through a lot, many things that you are still too young to get involved in. But know, your father misses you so much. Lisa has talked to me about how sad you’ve been lately. It’s ok to be hurt, but you’ve got to talk about it. I’m having a family dinner in the next two weeks and I expect you (the both of you) to be present. I love you so much, Jason.


Wow, this was a different type of experience to write. I wanted to make the characters realistic and the e- mail dialogue relatable. Not sure ^^

Welcome Back

Day #24: Write a 250 word stream of consciousness from the mind of a woman whose life will change drastically in 3 minutes.

This is crazy! This is crazy! I just- I can’t even believe this is happening. Man, this city is so big, bigger than my hometown. Is my hair ok? Geez, this station doesn’t have any mirrors or anything. Don’t they know looking nice for the courts is essential? There’s so many cameras, especially today! Ah, man it’s taking so dang long. How long does it really take to do the right thing? It’s not like he actually did anything wrong. I wonder how Greg’s been. I thought he’d be free since he ran from my house… the jerk. I didn’t think he would turn himself in, not so easily anyway. Ah, man! How long is it supposed to take? It has to have been at least an hour. Oh, it’s almost time. Just… three more minutes. Oh man I’m nervous. What if he’s changed? What if that week in jail changed him? What if he looks at me differently? I was happy when the court ordered him to be under my guardianship but… what if it was actually a bad idea?

No, no, no! We became friends, great friends. I doubt he would change so drastically over a week. Besides, the only reason he turned himself in was to protect me. Will he resent me for that? No, it’ll all be ok. We’ll go back to my house and once his name is cleared, everything will be ok. Ah, the door’s opening! He… looks the same. I think? Is that stubble? How long is he staying at my house again? This may be harder than I thought.

Two People, One Conversation

Day #20: Write a page- long exchange between two very different people. Write only what they say; no setting, internal thinking, descriptions or actions.

“Jeez, why’s it so freaking bright?”

“Hmm… I like it. The sky’s so blue and the air’s so crisp!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. So is there any reason we couldn’t take a train to this…”

“Art show! And yeah, it’s so crowded on the train.”

“It’s freezing out here.”

“Ah come one, the sun feels so cozy.”


“Besides, this is our first trip┬áto Connecticut since undergrad. It’s nice to really see this place again.”

“It was nice in summer. Hell, it was still cold then!”

“Ok, alright. But it’ll be nice to see Sammy again.”

“Yeah, I’m sure her uneven paintings are worth the five hour trip.”

“God, you’re such a baby! And I love her asymmetrical art.”

“Of course you do… heh, there’s quite a bit of ‘uneveness’.”

“How do you figure?”

“Ah, nothing, just musing. Jeez, it’s freezing!”

“Oh, look! Wow this place is gorgeous!”

“W hat the… is this a museum? This can’t be a museum. Why’s it so big? Is Sammy’s art all that’s here? There’s no need for it to be this big.”

“Chill… oh! Let’s take a picture together.”

“No way. I’m going inside. Better have some heat in here.”

“Alright, alright.”


Well strictly dialogue defiantly feels weird to me. I don’t even know what to say about this one ^^ I tried to keep the relationship ambiguous.

An Uncomfortable Scene

Day #19: Imagine your dream boyfriend/ girlfriend: their appearance, home life, etc. Write a scene in which their behavior is off- putting.



Lights are dim with ceiling lights and one lamp on night stand. TV is on, but mute. Room is styled with modern- chic furnishing. Glass coffee table in front of couch. There are five different empty chip bags and two empty cans of beer.

TINA, 23, black with curly hair, TAPS fingers against laptop keyboard. Looks at MARCUS, 25, black with shoulder length dreadlocks. Marcus CRUNCHES on chips, leaving crumbs on couch. Reaches over to pick up beer from night stand. Tina purses lips, but focuses on laptop.


Can you be any louder?

Tina stops typing and looks at him. He keeps eyes on TV. Tina looks at beer can in his hands.


When did you start drinking?

Marcus CLINKS bottom of beer can against night stand. Tina frown and looks down at laptop.


So… I’ve been working through my novel, I think I’m almost done.


Oh, you mean like you have for the past two years?

Marcus drops beer can. Beer gets into carpet forming a dark stain. Marcus gets up and walks into adjoining kitchen. Tina gets up to follow him.


Lights are flickering. The fridge and stove is a black stainless steel with complementing black cabinets. Marcus walks over to sink by the fridge. Rays from the sun creep in from slight open curtains. Marcus opens cabinet under sink to grab rag. Tina stands in front of him.


What’s wrong with you



I’m tired.


Of what? You skipped out on work.

Marcus waves hand between the two of them.



This! I’m tired of this.

Marcus looks away, squeezing rag. Tina looks at his face, tears in her eyes.


I decided to challenge myself and write the scene as a script. It’s been awhile since I tried my hand at script writing, and the inability to set the format is, for lack of better words, off- putting. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this short little scene.


Formula to Happiness

Day # 18: Write a free form poem about “the formula for happiness”

Happiness; such a vast and often arbitrary concept.

It’s a sea, so many canals and twists to take.

It’s easy for one to float aimlessly through it’s vastness.

But what is the formula for grasping “happiness”?

Understand, happiness doesn’t have a set end goal.

“Floating aimlessly”; it’s not really a bad thing.

The beauty in most things is in the journey.

In going about the sea’s vastness, you see so many things.

There’ll be some experiences that you don’t enjoy,

there’ll be far more that you do. Each will be a lesson.

The formula for happiness also involves growth,

this growth comes from the lesson learned by the journey.

Happiness comes from how one takes in the lessons.

An experience can be good or bad, based on the individual’s mindset.

A positive outlook is indicative of a positive experience.