What do People Think of my Work?

I’m sure this is a feeling that many creative people who share their work can relate to some of the same feelings I have. Regardless of the medium, many people likely feel these swirls of emotion; satisfaction, apprehension and even fear. The main question that I have is what impression do my works make, and if they make one at all. It’s something that can often stress me out. With this particular journal, I’ll be taking on a different layout for this post. So hopefully, this won’t be too jarring for anyone.

Need for Approval

This topic is one that warrants it’s own blogpost. But this is one of the things that I feel correlates with my questions on the impression my works make. I feel the need  to have my works accepted by the people who come across it. It gives a sense of validation, which boosts my confidence in my work. Is this a bad thing? To me, not necessarily. I think there is some necessity in getting an outside opinion. Criticism is something that I have written about before, and I have some of the same opinions.

Is There a Perceived Meaning?

Image result for meaningless gif

The thing that normally stresses me out when it comes to the impressions that my works make is the possibility of it being perceived as meaningless. This is a fear I have more so with my writing than with my art. The presentation of creativity is already relatively subjective. But I worry about my works being viewed a vapid. This mainly stems from the fact that I tend to put quite a bit of effort into my works. With my art (illustrations), though I put a considerable amount of effort and work into creating it, it’s more often than not just an image I’m trying to get out of my head. It’s more meant to convey a feeling as opposed to a meaning. However, for my writing, I am more often than not, trying to give a message or meaning. If that impression lacks a meaning to the audience, it is a definite blow to my confidence.

These are my main thoughts when it comes to the impression that audience members have on my works. I hope someone out there can relate to this. Thank you for reading!

A Little Idea on a Piece of Driftwood

The little idea sat adrift on the worn out, make shift plank. It’s vast in the creator’s mind, so many things swirling about in the vast lake of the mind. There were few concepts that managed to stay afloat, not long enough to give itself some type of foundation. The little idea saw another concept that it recognized. It stayed at the edge of the mind, idly looking between the expansive waters of the mind and the shore that it stood on. The little idea sighed at the worn down concept. It had been a real possibility. The creator had spent so much time with it; developed well past the point of an outline, yet still pushed to the back of the creator’s mind.

The little idea proceeded further on the piece of driftwood without a plan, at least not by itself. But as the days passed, the little idea could feel a fullness, substance. The little idea grew in size, yet never sank in the vastness of the mind. It made it to the shore, carefully getting off of the piece of driftwood. It pushed it away, back to where it had come from so long ago. It let out a breath, hoping that the worn out concept that it had drifted by before could get it and make use of it.

The little idea could feel itself move through the hand of the creator, the ink of the pen bleeding into the paper. It only hoped that all that time adrift on the worn out plank  would result in more than just an unfinished outline.


This is just a little creative piece that I wanted to write to personify the ideas I have and what normally happens with them.

Originality in Collaboration

I’m someone who enjoys writing stories. I really like writing poems, short stories and even scripts. One of my favorite genres to write are adventure and suspense stories. As such, I pride myself on creativity and originality. I get a lot of my ideas based on life experiences, dreams and various other ideas that come to mind  These ideas are one’s that I consider to solely be my own. But what of stories that are a collaboration or where the ideas came from another person than just the writer? The argument that there are no more original ideas is one to be looked into at another time, but that’s not what this post is about.

This question came to me when I was talking to a friend of mine. He gave a very interesting story idea based off of an experience that I was relaying to him. I joked that if were to ever publish the story, he would be labeled as a co- writer. I was left wondering if this idea, originated from a friend, could be considered originally my own.

To this, I say that it is. The way that a story is presented and written varies from writer to writer. The way that I would go into this idea is different from how my friend would have; from the setting down to the characters. That is where the originality in a collaboration comes from. The end product is still heavily influenced by the artistic vision of the writer. This is also seen in collaborative art. I did a collaboration piece with my friend and roommate from undergraduate. We drew a piece together where I drew a person holding a snake which she drew. Both of our artistic styles were present yet also separate. The originality may not be in the idea alone, but in it’s presentation.

This was a short post, but something that was on my mind and worked so well with today’s daily prompt. Hopefully this could help someone.

Deciding to Chose a Creative Lifestyle

I watched a video yesterday that really struck a cord with me. It was a video about the particular content creator’s top ten best anime characters. There was a character that he was describing that he identified with, and honestly, I identified with it as well. I link to his video for those interested. But to summarize there was a character that had a realization to chose what he loved (Tennis) over what he had convinced himself was more important (Getting straight A’s). This was something I’ve struggled with throughout school, even in Grad school. Granted, I really love school and learning for knowledge’s sake. I tend to lean more towards creativity.

So how does one chose the right option? This was something that I struggled with, more so in undergrad. I wasn’t sure if school would impede on a more creative lifestyle. This was heightened as I started to lose interest in what I had thought I wanted to study, which was to go into law school. I thought I’d have to give one up for the other.

I’m extremely thankful that I learned that I can have both. Creativity is something that is very fun, and has the capacity to be lucrative. I see things like the arts, literature and writing to be the a part of the creative lifestyle. I currently feel that I have a creative lifestyle. I pour a lot of my time into writing. Recently, I’ve also gotten back into drawing. However, I’m very active with my education as well. As stated before, I identified with the character in the video that had to chose which lifestyle they wanted to live.

For me, I chose both. I know that this sounds like a lot to handle. But honestly, even one of those things can be a lot depending on one’s out look. For me, the creative lifestyle doesn’t just mean that you only focus on the arts. It’s very possible to follow a creative lifestyle while that may not be your entire focus. For me personally, I’m in school to be a professor. But I still am active in writing my novel as well as just writing for fun. I also make it a habit to draw everyday. It’s really a matter of mindset. I don’t just see them as tasks or as a burden. They’re a part of my identify, as corny as that may sound. It can be the same for others. You can have goals that a different from your creative goals. Depending on the goals, they can even intertwine with one another. My love of writing is extremely helpful with my goal to be a professor.

That’s my take on the creative lifestyle. If anyone is reading, let me know what you think.  And here is the link to the video that I was referring to.

Haikus and Poems about Everything and Nothing

I’m completely drained from finals week, which is still going on mind you. The combination of ten to twenty page papers is leaving me tired and stress. But, I still want to upload this week, so I figured I’d challenge myself and write a few poems using the daily prompt, mostly haikus because I’m not as well versed in writing them.

A Course Called Life

An obstacle course,

It’s spiked layout is painful.

Life always is, though.

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Strangers stay at bay.

But friends can’t touch the long spikes.

A sad dilemma.

Spiked with “Happiness”

She spikes her drink with a little bit of happiness,

making a drink that guides her to a blurry abyss.

Maybe ‘happiness’ doesn’t quite fit.

She closes her eyes, to forget his wit,

That tussled brown hair, and manipulative smile.

She squints her eyes as the table grows by a mile.

She pours more happiness, the smell so strong.

She feels wetness in her eye, everything feels wrong.

The abandoned ring on the table leaves a heaviness in her heart.

She desperately wants to calm down, but doesn’t know where to start.

The spiked happiness does little to quell her pain,

the stream of tears leaving a bitter stain.



An Outlier in Success

Awhile ago, I made a post about the connection between a work’s success and luck. I talked about the fact that a successful work that becomes objectively successful tends to have well written characters, an interesting world and a well developed plot. And often times, all of this tied together with how sometimes luck often pushed these works into popularity? But what of the outliers? What about the really well made stories that just never to seem popular? Or, what about the works that seem rather lackluster but still reaches an insane amount of popularity?

In any formula, there is bound to be some outliers. This can be seen in the formula to success. But why? Well, lets start with a particular medium.  There are plenty of movies that reached a high level of popularity and a an abundance of money. One series that comes to mind is the Transformer series. Many people, critics and audience member alike, have picked fun at the series and not without reason. And yet, each movie in this series has gained it’s money back from production well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. When looking at the characters, it leaves quite a bit to be desired. The humans in the movie tend to be one note archetypes. The Transformers themselves aren’t any better. Several of theme are merely archetypes, some even offensively so. In regards to world building, it feels as if I, as an audience member, is completely disassociated with where the characters were, even though a lot of these places were completely grounded in the real world. And the plot felt like there was a tug of war between nothing happening and everything happening all at once with a lack of coherence.

So what happened to make this movie a success? It’s similar to what can make a good movie successful; luck. Sometimes, a movie that isn’t really that well written can get luck on it’s side to stay afloat or even become outright successful. An outlier in success shouldn’t always be seen as bad thing. The movie that becomes successful could be a first for a writer or director. They shouldn’t made to almost feel guilty for their success when they’re just coming into a style. This can also be said for a movie that doesn’t do well, but was written and directed well. It would be a shame to let this situation discourage a truly creative mind from making more works. This applies to all forms of media, from books to movies and even TV shows.

All of this makes me introspect on myself and my works as well. If the novel I write isn’t successful monetarily, I shouldn’t let it discourage me from continuing on in my progress, especially if I know that my works was written to the best of my ability. And I hope that reaches someone else who is working on creating their own works.

The picture was found here!

A Day to Myself

My hair, which had been growing quite nicely, was kept pinned up. I could hear my phone buzzing as I got another text but I heaved out a sigh and ignored it. I was sure that I would get an earful, but at this moment I just didn’t care. I couldn’t if I tried. Today is my day off, and I don’t need my boss bothering me. I finish the last of the necessary scrubbing. I straighten up and smile down at my work. The porcelain tub was completely clean, sparkling in the light. I sat down on my toilet with the lid down. I tugged the sticks that help my hair up and shock the tresses so that they tumbled down to my shoulder. The phone buzzed. Rolling my eyes and leaned toward the phone to look at the screen. I could see the messages of my boss apologizing profusely on the lock screen. It seemed that he no longer needed me. I stood up again and pat my shorts. The knob on my bath tub fit perfectly into my palms. Turning, the water began to flow.

Turning on my heel, I walked back to my room. There was the small brown bag that I had gotten at the mall a few hours ago. I pulled out a small ball that had several pastel colors on it, the colors weaving amongst each other. The lush bath bomb was something that I had wanted to try for a long time. Once I got back to the tub, the water had already risen to a place that I liked. Turning it off, I waited for the water to cool down a bit. I put the bath bomb into the water and stared in awe.

The area directly surrounding the bath bomb began to froth as the color melted into the water. The blue began to tint the clear water, its hue spreading along the ridges of the tub. The yellow snaked from the bath bomb and began to intertwine with the blue. There were frothy white bubbles that rested on the surface between the two colors. Some of the pink began to seep from the bomb. I leaned down to rest my arms on the ledge of the bathtub. The way the colors intertwined made the tub look there was a crystal inside of it. I used my index finger to swirl some of the colors together. The colors frothed as the bomb completely dissolved into the water, forming small galaxy pockets in the bathtub.

I stood up straight and tugged the clothes off of my body. Once the final garment was removed I slowly dipped my toe in the water. The colors wrapped around my body as I submerged my body into the water. I tilted my head back and breathed in evenly. This day to myself had ended nicely.


This is just another aesthetic piece.